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  Below are three firestarters that I have bought and tested
all products show are trademarked as far as I know.
There are a lot of Survival fire starting devices on the market. I think alot of people buy them, but do they ever practice or see how well the one they bought would work in an emergency?

I wanted one that would be easy to use in a variety of situations. So I decided to buy the ones I could find and test them.

In this first test I've tried starting a fire in a "good condition" situation.

All three of the models shown use a magnesium bar or rod that you can shave metal from and use it as your starting "tinder".

Magnesium burns very hot and will give you a nice flame even when wet.
The ticket is to shave enough magnesium off and do it right the first time. I even found shaving the metal onto a leaf will allow you to pour it into a nice pile over the tinder you are trying to ignite.

I was able to start a fire pretty easy with all three products.
I found I favor the Enviromatch over the others. Of course, I would be happy lost in the woods with any of these, but the enviromatch was easier to scrape good size shavings of magnesium from and the spark was fantastic. The enviromatch even allows you to scrape wood from the "handle" if you need more tinder.

I've ordered a few other fire starting products and will test and re-test the products in different conditions. I have not touched on the prices of each product or the ease of carrying them yet.

I would not hesitate to sell any of these, they are all fine products.

Even the best fire starting device is useless if you don't have it when you need it.
So stay tuned and watch for a new test soon.
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Doans brand magnesium block
[Knife not included]
Fire Starter Flint Magnesium Survival Fire w/leather pouch
TIP: Pack one of those birthday candles that you can't blow out with your firestarter kit. If you are in a wet or windy condition this might help you keep a flame going a bit easier.