I found out alot about firestarters in this new test.

Do not just buy a firestarter and think you don't have to pratice.

You need to understand the ability of certain tinder materials to accept a spark.
The importance of tinder

I went out in the woods on a damp day and decided to start a fire using various firestarters.

What I found was that
if you have the correct tinder to take a spark, all of the firestarters work fine.

Dry grass makes good tinder.  I found an abandoned birds nest made of dry grasses and it caught on the third spark.  Look around your yard and see what you think makes good tinder. Try lighting various tinder with a lighter to test how they react to a quick flame.

Some people buy a firestarter that uses magnisium as the tinder. These work fine if you can get a good pile of shavings, but don't fool yourself into thinking you don't need to learn about tinder.

The last think you want is to try to start a fire when you really need one and getting frustrated because you didn't practice.
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