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A survival prepardness site is your source for current info and
products to help you survive an emergency situation!
Start small, Think smart
If you're a survivalist, backpacker, camper or
just someone who likes to be prepared, This
website is what you're looking for.

Don't rely on our goverment to help you in
times of need, take charge for yourself and get
prepared to survive a disaster situation.

Floods, Earthquakes and other natural disasters
can change your life. You must act soon to be
prepared to survive on your own.

This website is for those of us that want to be
ready for anything that comes our way.
At least start slow and gather some vital items
you need protect your family  in an
emergency/survival situation.

It's better to take a year to get ready, than
to be a minute to late.

Black River of Missouri
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Fire Pistons have been used for thousands
of years and are now making a comeback!!!
Read my Fire Piston test report here
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Tribute to Ickis     
My best friend