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These things really do work!
I bought my first fire piston from eb-primitives on e-bay. This guy seemed like he had quality items and had a “kit” available to purchase with it. The price was definitely a winner at $34.95 with the kit and shipping.
I came home and got the package out of the mail. I opened it and found a nice looking, well built fire piston.

I took a few minutes to go over all the stuff that came with it.
There were char blocks to get me started (enough for plenty of fires), some mulch to act as tinder, the fire piston, cleaning tool  and lube, and a nicely made metal fire starting “oven”.

Like most guys, I grabbed the fire piston and fixed it up like I thought it should be and slammed the piston down. I quickly pulled out the piston and NOTHING!!!!!

OK, now I seen these work on video, so what’s up?

Well, I grabbed the instructions and read them. I tried again and…… Nothing.

So, I start thinking how this thing works, It’s a piston right? So it needs compression to work. That’s when it hit me, Add more lube and make a better seal. I lubed up the piston, added a fingernail worth of char block, slammed the piston down and IT WORKED!!!
I quickly blew on the coal and ran to my girlfriend to show her I made fire. I’m sure she was impressed.  (he made fire!!!! haha)

NOW, I had to try out the tinder “oven”.  I loaded up the piston, slammed it down, pulled out the piston and stuck the glowing ember into the side of the can. After a few seconds of blowing, the mulch started smoldering and glowing. A few more seconds of blowing and I had a flame.

I have to say I am impressed with the fire piston. I don’t know that it will always be my first choice when hiking, but it definitely is right up there with the other fire starters I’ve tested.
I think for the people that like tradition or the survivalist that wants to know all the ways of survival, this would be a nice tool to own.

I am definitely pleased with my purchase and would tell anyone looking for a nice fire piston to buy one from eb-primitives. Look for him on e-bay or search for fire pistons.
The fire “oven” as I call it, is worth looking into know matter what kind of fire starter you use. I was impressed.

Amaze your friends with this unique tool. This would make a great gift for the outdoorsman in your family!