Tribute to ickis  
Best dog in the World
          ickis was a Boxer/Lab mix.

He was only about 45-50 lbs but he was smart and         quick.

He was an adventurer in the woods. I always let him get   out of my site if he wanted to, because I knew he wasn't   far.

He was an excellent swimmer and you had to make him    get out of the water or he would stay in the cold spring     water all day.

I had to put my dog to sleep February 2008. He was the best dog I have   ever owned and I have owned quite a few. He was getting old and I think   this winter finally got to him.
He was about 13 years old and very active until this winter. I think a          combination of arthritis, demensia and just getting old was the real            cause of his downfall.

It is very hard to make the decision to put a dog to sleep. A dog is a          companion, he is the one you take hiking in the woods. He alerts you to    danger at home and when out in the field. He tells you when the mailman   is coming or  when a possum or fox is running up the road.

I never knew a dog as smart as ickis was. Never was this dog a bother to  me. He didn't chew up things, was there when you needed him and his     greatest joys were swimming in the river and chasing lizards all day long   on the farm.                                                                                              
I guess i should explain his name. My wife (who died in 2005) used to       watch a cartoon on TV called "Real Monsters".    "Ickis" was one of  the    characters on the cartoon.
When a dog gets to where his quality of life goes downhil, do the right      thing and send him to a better place.     
His legs finally gave out and he couldn't keep his balance. I knew I had     to do the right thing. Don't let them suffer!
         "To one of my best friends, ickis, may you rest in peace".
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